By Lu Wang

One of the significance of art is to create a space with purity, human beings who have been infested by this intense and illusionary world could freely breathe inside this space. An artist or a musician, could use the most elegant and decent or drastic approach to reveal all emotions and worldly conditions which surround ordinary beings who live in an chaos world. It's the mission to be an artist with the most humble attitude and deliver all the conscious or unconscious intentionality which reflect from their works to human beings.The consciousness for creating of an artist must be a faith as a pillar that will never collapse.

The only beauty of the eternal variable might be the same. It's always standing there. Quietly watching us struggling on this planet. As an artist, uses the mildest and the most fierce approach to keep the course of historical changes. Always be wise, as a believer of faith and truth, as an observing to think not to see, follow the deepest heart, feel fortunate to be able to create, and deliver insight, keep purity and working hard on practicing.